Fighting the Battle

This picture is an image of one of my good friends at Warner University who plays football for the Royals. He goes by the name of E-Man, his real name being Emmanuel which means “God is With Us”. I took this picture this summer at the beach and it just brought so many thoughts in my head. I chose this picture because it showed me that a person can be going through so much in life and just feel like they are on top of the world,but that doesn’t mean they have it all together. I tell myself and others all the time just continue being the person God made you and are making you to be,  fly high and accept the challenge of life through the image that God gives you ever single day. Whether its waking up each morning going to school, going to work, etc., just continue to be strong and fight the battle you go through everyday because whether you know it or not God is really with you.


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