What would I do without my School I.D.!!!


The picture above is of my Warner University I.D. Honestly, I am not quite sure how I was able to even take this photo but it worked out better than I planned it to. The way this photo is odd angled is that if you look clearly at the photo, my I.D. is faced the opposite way, not showing my full name, school picture and school I.D. number. Also, my keychain is twisted awkwardly making it add to the fact that the I.D. is turned the wrong way. Warner University enforces more this year  that students must have their I.D. badges on their person as students, like myself, have to make sure that we have our I.D. everywhere we go on campus as that is the only way to get attendance for Chapel, to participate in all school activities and functions, to check out books and laptops in the library, to buy textbooks in the bookstore to put in your student accounts, to get food in the Cafe, to help you remember your student number if you happen to forget it and to verify that you are actually a student at Warner University. Warner University’s  I.D. badge is truly important and very essential for students to have at all times while they are on campus so it is imperative not to lose it, unless you want to pay $5 out of pocket to obtain another one.  


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