From Where I Sit

As I sit in the library Wednesday night obvserving my surroundings, I couldn’t help but notice this art work in front of me. I examined everything about it from colors, animals, flowers, insects, arthour, rows, columns, arthour to the date. Click!! It finally hit me. Each column is color coordinated and has a deadly animal, insect or flower. Red has the deadly red Adenium Obesum, orange has the killer tiger, yellow has the deadly boa constrictor, green has the poison dart frog, baby blue has the hiding poison lizard, dark blue has the sudden killer starfish and purple has the poison mushrooms. The author may not have created it this way, but this is how I perceived it. #adventuresinphotography #warneruniversity #animals #insects #flowers #artwork #imagine #2016 #whereIsit #observation 


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