From Where I Sit

This picture means something to me also well as the young men in it. I chose this picture because it was in one of my favorite places of all time and mostly where I spend most of my time at. I cry here, I sleep here, I eat here, and most of all I pray here. This is one of the talents that God has blessed me with that maybe someone wanted to do but just didn’t have the health or physical ability to do so. Every time I step on the floor God is the first person I thank because if it wasn’t for him I would not even be able to be that ball player he designed me to be. This is where I got my first kiss, when I first encountered God himself, and its where I had my first major injury when breaking my leg. I thought when that happened that God was leading me away from playing ball and I just felt like giving up because the pain drove me insane. After surgery and getting screws/metal in my knee I thought I will never touch another basketball. But when I got done with therapy and got back to being that strong individual God made me to be through him who lives in me I got back at it. I’m pretty sure everyone in this picture have a similar story or a more touching one or reason they play ball. Moral of the story it doesn’t matter where you serve God, or when to do it. It’s who serve him for what he’s blessed them to do and how that person chose to do.



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